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Consulting Staff

Our Consulting Staff

At J.D. Consulting you’ll find a dedicated team of Chartered, Certified and experienced accounting, taxation, business plan, project management and consulting professionals ready to assist our diverse clients. We see more than numbers.

We lend a listening ear and we take time to understand our clients’ business, industry and their specific needs before we proposed insightful intervention solutions to meet the challenges. We are not just another service provider; we are your dependable and trusted professionally ally and a partner in your company’s success.

From bookkeepers, certified accounting technician, university major in accounting, finance and economics to Chartered Professional Accountant, our team is well equipped to helping your corporation to not only survive, but thrive in the competitive business world of today; fine better ways of doing what is already being done by making sure specific operations are justifying their expenses; assess risks and provide insightful recommendations to navigate around them and be your trusted and dependable ally in addressing the vagaries confronting your business.

We can assist you in understanding the dynamics of your operations and its bottom-line implications. Armed with that insight, we can assist you to reposition your company in a way that would insulate it from the adverse forces of the analysis by addressing constraints militating against profitability.

Each team member continuously updates their skills and knowledge by attending numerous courses to stay current with the latest taxation and business trends. This allows our team to provide leading-edge advice to clients.

Please visit our Careers page if you feel you have what it takes to add value to our team. We are always interested in hearing from university degree holders in accounting, finance, economics and business management as well as MBA’s CGA’s, CPA, ACCA and technicians with strong public accounting experience and exceptional communication skills.

Our Expert Team

Samaran Edwards, B.Sc. 1st Class (hons), ACCA Professional Level

Staff Accountant/Associate Consultant

Marline Cato-Baptiste, B.Sc., ACCA.

Senior Accountant

Nivva Barry

Junior Accountant

Elvian Munro

Staff Accountant/Associate Consultant

Emma A.F. Mc Donald

Staff Accountant/Associate Consultant

Kittora Sylvester

Accounts Clerk

Johnson Dion, MBA, CA, CPA, CGA, FCCA.

Chartered Professional Accountant & Principal Consultant

JDC Team

Accounting + Taxation & Consulting Professionals

JD Consulting Team